This site is designed for and by Michigan fans who are not living in AA but at heart feel like they are sitting in the Big House every Saturday.  If you don’t bleed Maize and Blue you are prob in the wrong place. My Michigan homies and I plan to provide incredibly biased but enlightened insight into Michigan Players Games recruiting and much much more from the perspective of die hard fans living abroad(New York to be precise).

About us



Real Name: Unknown\WoodsonBaby

Place of Birth: NYC

Current Residence: NYC

Favorite Wolverine: Every man to wear the Maize and Blue with a few exceptions like Justin Boren.

Other Interests:  Technology\Web Design\ SEM\Email\Mobile, Video Games, NBA\NFL\NHL(Primarily supporting the Michigan players of Course).

While I was born and raised in NY. Most of my family members went to Michigan so I was raised on Michigan Football and Hockey which really got me going from a young age. Over the last ten years I have become absolutely addicted to Michigan football and base a huge portion of my existence on the Wolverines. Every year I have made sure to go to at least 2 FB games at the Big House\Mecca. I’ve also recently gotten engaged(that right I’m not a fat guy in my mom’s basement) to A perfect Woman, She surprised me for my birthday last year and arranged  my friends and family to go to the UofM FB Home opener.

I Began working on this Blog because I spend so much of my free time talking about Michigan related topics, so I figured that my good Friend Champion of the East and I should start this blog. No matter the record, the players, or the coach, I will always fully support the Maize and Blue!!!! Go Blue!!!!!

Champion of the East


International man of intrigue.

?????? More to come



Real Name: CTAT

Place of Birth: NJ

Current Residence: NJ

Favorite Wolverine: Mike Hart

Other Interests:  Design, Video Games, and The New York Jets.

CTAT has been a huge Michigan fan for years breaking from his families ND lovefest to find true happyness as a Wolverine. CTAT is creating banners for Wolverines East as well as working on website coding and creating our email campaigns. If you are interested in CTAT’s work or would just like to tell him(or us) how cool we are, message us @WolverinesEast on Twitter or drop us an email at bckthesckeyes@hotmail.com.


Animated Background Artist

ShockFX is the man behind the animated Michigan file used in our background and has graciously given us permission to use his file. Its people like ShockFX who keep all of our computers/phones/lives continuously stocked with Michigan goodness.

Have any questions? Drop us an Email at bckthesckeyes@hotmail.com

Also Follow us on Twitter WolverinesEast

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  1. BrownBear says:

    This is my most favourite blog about one of my least favourite teams. Huzzah!!

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