Sugar Bowl Preview Part 1

I would like to start this series of previews by saying how proud I am of this Wolverines team for bringing Michigan football back to prominence\a BCS Bowl. This team really had a great season on both sides of the ball and would give any team in the country a hard time. But we will not be playing just any team we will be taking our talents down to NOLA for a Battle with Virginia Tech a team that has been known for their Running QBs. But who has the edge in this matchup? What type of team will the Wolverines be facing? All these questions and more will be answered over the next 4  posts, so without further ado let’s begin the preview with an overview of the Hokies:


  • Like many Virginia Tech teams of the past this is a Run first team. But unlike many VT teams of the past it is not the QB who Runs but rather Star JR RB David Wilson.
  • And boy can this guy run the ball. Wilson finished the season with 266 carries for 1627 yards and 10 TD’s(one was a receiving TD)
  • Although Wilson is almost all the offense VT SO QB Logan Thomas has had a pretty good season as well throwing for 2799 yards and 19 TDs(but also threw 9 INT’s).
  • To go along with the Hokies solid offense is a “very good” defense which is ranked 8th in the country with 17.2 points a game.
  • Why do I put quotes on very good? Because VT has mostly played poor offenses in the ACC and when they went up against the best of the ACC(Clemson) they got blown out allowing Clemson to beat them by 20 in the first matchup and allowing Clemson to drop 38 points on them in the championship game.
  • The only other decent teams Virginia Tech has played also easily scored on this defense with Georgia tech and Miami(actually awful) scoring 26 and 35 respectively.
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