Rich Rod says he would have coached Michigan to 10 wins

Thought this was too interesting not to share.

Via DetNews:

Rich Rodriguez says he would have coached Michigan to 10 wins too

The Detroit News

Rich Rodriguez said he would have led Michigan to a 10-win season or better in 2011 had he been retained for a fourth year as Wolverines coach.

Rodriguez, now the head coach at Arizona, also said he was joking when he said recently he’d like to see Michigan play his Wildcats in a regular-season game. Rodriguez made his comments during a radio interview Thursday afternoon on WBBL in Grand Rapids.

Rodriguez was quick to respond when asked if he would have led Michigan to 10 victories this season.

“Yep — at least,” Rodriguez said. “That’s being confident and a lot of things going the right way, and certainly we had to make a few changes, needed alterations and had to play better defensively.
For entire article click link below From The Detroit News:

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