Sugar Bowl Bound Monday QB

Oh how the times have changed, at this point last year it was hard to remain optimistic (don’t need or want to rehash it all). Today we are going to the Sugar Bowl after a 10 win season (beating Ohio) and now get to taste Sparty’s tears as they head to the Outback. Before I rip into Sparty, let me say how proud we are of this Michigan team and beyond happy the Seniors who have been through hell and back, get to go out with a win over Ohio and a BCS Bowl Berth.

As for Sparty and their fans I’m going to make it short and sweet. You had your chance to go to the Rose Bowl and blew it with one of the dumbest calls by your beloved coach to rush the kicker and try to get the block. Your offense had been moving without difficulty all day but yet you decide to risk this penalty, which correct me if I’m wrong but more times than not you end up with a penalty (either running into or roughing the kicker) than you do with a block. Michigan didn’t cost you a BCS berth, your coach did.

As for Virginia Tech don’t worry, in the coming weeks WolverinesEast will break down the game from every angle you can consider. Early outlook, I like the match-up, Virginia Tech has only played a solid team twice this season (both times against Clemson) and both times they were smacked down.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with our tweet from last night “@WolverinesEast Every one better schedule a dentist appointment for January 4th because we will be eating sugar all night on the 3rd #GoBlue #Hail

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