Demar Dorsey still hopes to Go Blue

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Former Michigan recruit Demar Dorsey vows to cash in on second chance

Grand Rapids — The defensive backs and safeties circled around each other inside Grand Rapids Community College’s gymnasium and watched as the flashy south Florida newcomer sauntered in with a disdainful look on his face.

Demar Dorsey didn’t care he was late because he’s Demar Dorsey, a highly-touted Division I prospect who had signed with Michigan just a year earlier. He was entitled to his own schedule.

At least that’s the vibe Dorsey, a defensive back from Fort Lauderdale, gave Detroit native Evan Ray, his new freshman teammate. Ray had to issue a warning. One thing led to another, the two ended up jawing at each other, pushing and shoving, and even threw a few punches, according to coach Tony Annese.

“We let ‘em go for a little while,” assistant coach Ryan Hodges recalled, smiling.

Needless to say, Dorsey didn’t win anyone over during that pre-practice stretching session last spring.

He didn’t make much progress during Annese’s first full team meeting, either. Dorsey showed a lack of interest in Annese’s words and once again paid the price, this time with a tongue-lashing in front of the entire team.
From The Detroit News:

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