NFL Wolverine Of The Week

If you remember last week NYC Wolverines dominated the WOTW award. Well things change drastically in one week and Tom Brady has flipped the script, and owned all to receive this week’s NFL Wolverine of the Week. Tom Led his Pats into hostile territory against the red hot Jets fresh off 2 huge wins. Well Tom put out the fire and reminded everyone that He is still the king of the AFC East. With Welker taking a week off to rest on Revis Island and no run game to speak of Brady still torched the Jets completing 26 out of 39 passes for 329 yards no INTs and 3 TD’s. I  Begrudgingly (Remember all I’m from New York) Congratulate Tom and the Patriots for Winning WOTW and taking control of their division.

Honorable Mentions

  • Charles Woodson- Was everywhere on Monday night and if not for Tom Brady he would have surly finished with another Wolverine of the Week. Woodson Finished the day with 9 tackles 1 TFL and 3 Pass Defends. Woodson set the tone for his team and they remain undefeated.
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