Monday QB

Sorry for such a short Monday post but as you loyal readers know I’m a big Giants fan, so I’m still recovering from the heartbreaking loss. Anyway, let’s start with the positive from this weekend. With Thanksgiving around the corner we all as Michigan fans need to make sure to be thankful for Greg Mattison and the effort of his Defense. That last part is important because these kids are playing their hearts out on that field. Another great site Saturday is the impressive performance by Fitz as the #1 RB. He ran hard but more importantly showed great vision. It’s very exciting to have someone stepping up and taking the pressure off of Denard.

On the downside I’m once again not very happy with the Michigan fan-base and the constant complaining about Denard. Look I’m not blind, the QB play has been lacking but I’m just not sure what you want them to do. You saw Devin play, he made one good play and the rest of the time he looked very tentative. Yes, you can see flashes of what he could be but it is clear he’s not ready. To tell you the truth I don’t think Denard is playing as bad as many people think, you can’t compare his stats to regular pocket passers. You might make the point that his rushing #s are down. Well that’s because we have a RB emerging. His turnovers are too high but consider how much he has improved in that area from Freshman to Sophomore season. We didn’t get the same kind of jump to Junior season but that is to be expected when you add on that he has to learn a new offense which of course takes up a lot of time that could be spent on improving this area of his game. I expect a big jump next season, a season that could be special for Denard. I have a ton more to say but again my heart just isn’t in writing today (thanks to the Giants). I’ll try to come back to this point later in the week.

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