NFL Wolverine Of The Week

The Wolverines in the big apple, under the bright lights of huge match-ups showed up big time this weekend. With the Jets playing a must win game against a “superior” Buffalo team and the Giants over-matched against the “Super” Patriots; David Harris and Mario Manningham where instrumental in their teams upset victories. Harris had a monster day with 5 tackles a pass defend and a ridiculous INT that made him look like Charles Woodson. And in typical Manningham fashion(A la Penn St 2005 and M$U 2007)  Super Mario scored a late 4th quarter touchdown in the back corner of the end zone to help the Giants take the lead and keep pace with Tom Brady. Because of Manningham’s great touchdown the Giants would eventually hold on to win. Congrats to both these New York Wolverines and their teams.

Honorable Mentions

  • Charles Woodson- Had another great day as his Packers improved to 8-0 against a gritty San Diego team. Woodson finished the day with 6 tackles and a forced fumble.
  • Brandon Graham- Although his team lost congrats to BG on returning from his ACL surgery last night. Graham recorded 4 tackles and covered up Jay Cutler on a bobbled snap.
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