Iowa L, Bama/LSU Rematch?, Penn State Scandal

Look I’m going to make this short because I’m not very happy with a small portion of the Michigan twitter faithful, I don’t mind questioning play calls or getting angry over execution (whichever you think had more to do for the loss) but if you hear some people you would think Michigan never lost a game before the Rod/Hoke era came along. And now after Iowa speaking as if this team is just as bad as last season… I’m not even going to go over the mountain of evidence that proves this team is better because if you don’t get it now, you are too dense to understand. I’m sorry if it’s a little rough, there was just such stupidity after the game. The only observation I’m going to make is that Michigan appears not to match up well at all with smash mouth offenses or physical defenses. Honestly that’s something coaching can’t fix, only recruiting. They have played a lot better against finesse teams which will bode well against Illinois this weekend.

A little off topic but am I the only one that watched the Alabama loss to LSU? I saw bad offense, bad special teams, bad penalties and poor coaching all at home. They DO NOT deserve a chance at a rematch, they won’t even play for their conference title, how the hell do they deserve another shot at LSU?! If the regular season is a playoff (which BCS people like to say) how the hell do you lose your play in game AT HOME and still belong in the National Title?? BTW I don’t need to tell Michigan fans but there is already precedent, i.e. Michigan v. Ohio few years back where the road team came as close as you can come, in an epic game and still didn’t get a rematch. The BCS is a joke; frankly if you are like me and hate it with a passion you need to cheer for the following. Ok State to lose to Oklahoma, Stanford loses to Oregon, and LSU lose the SEC title game…. Who the heck plays for the title if that happens? Can you now send Bama ahead of LSU if they lost to LSU at home? How can you send either Bama or LSU since neither won their conference? How does the BCS screw Boise this time? It would be crazy good times.

Lastly, I need to make clear before I go on that up until this point as a college football fan, outside of Michigan, Penn State was the team I respected the most. If Michigan couldn’t win the Big Ten I would pull a little for Joe Pa out of respect. So when I say the following I hope it’s taken for what it’s worth. If the allegations regarding Penn State from top to bottom are true and there was a real cover up it’s the worst scandal in the history of college football. Pay for play is bad (SMU), Tattoos and lies are bad (Ohio), and all of the U$C garbage is bad but none would compare to this kind of cover up. I don’t throw these two words around much but if Joe Pa, the AD and the president all knew, the program deserves the Death Penalty. It’s an embarrassment to the Big Ten and NCAA; frankly I wish they would get kicked out of the Big Ten (there has to be some kind of clause that if a University allows Rape in their locker room the Big Ten reserves the right to kick said school out). And then just invite Pitt or Rutgers or something. Yeah this is harsh but these allegations are harsh and disgusting.

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