What Last Saturday Means

I know Purdue is not the top of the Big Ten but that was a very good and convincing victory. Purdue came out strong on the opening drive and if this was the 2010 or 2009 team they would have panicked. Instead they answered with calm and coolness, sticking to the game-plan and laying down a dominating performance. There are really only a few things I want to touch on and I’ll start with a couple simple points:

  • If Michigan runs the ball close to the way they did last week they will win out their last four games and very possible play for the Big Ten Title.
  • With Sparty losing (like we predicted) it leaves the division wide open. With the fact that Cousins plays very differently on the road than at home, it’s a very possible chance that they blow @Iowa or @NW (especially if that last game @NW is a must win, totally see Cousins blowing that).

Lastly, there are still people not happy with Denard at QB. I just want to say you are grading him by the wrong scale. I understand why, that scale is all that Michigan has known. But he is not a Tom Brady or Chad Henne type, so his stat line doesn’t compare. He is along the lines of Mike Vick at Va Tech and to a certain extent Juice Williams at Illinois. You should not look for him to turn into a pocket passer because that’s not what he is (I mean it took Vick all of College, 6 yrs in the NFL and a Prison stint to find a semblance of a pocket presence and still isn’t the perfect pocket guy). The stats you should be looking for is between 245-290 passing, 60-90 rushing yrds, 2-3 TDs and 0-1 ints. If he falls in that area you will win games. I need to stress this isn’t about settling; it’s about recognizing what a dual threat QB is and what he’s not. If Drob gets a consistent running back to help him, he will get these #s consistently and Michigan will win consistently.

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