Purdue Boilermakers Week 9 Preview


  • Although Robert Marve was supposed to be the savier of Purdue, Caleb TerBush has solidified himself as the starter due to his passing ability during the season.
  • Although Purdue runs the spread attack, most of the teams rushing yards come from their RB’s Ralph Bolden(398 yards and 3 TDs) and Akeem Shavers(325 yards and 5 TDs).
  • TerBush and Marve have combined for only 5 INT’s this season but have been sacked 16(!) times.
  • Purdue has only won the turnover battle once this year (against Minnesota, of course).
  • Purdue’s Defense has improved this year only allowing opponents to score 20 points a game (24th in the country).

Key Match-ups:

The Michigan Vs. The Hangover – Let’s face it that was a tough loss two weeks ago to M$U. It was a game that we really could have won and it makes me sick to think about it. But the only thing worse than 2 weeks ago is letting that loss beat you again. When you lose a game like that it’s important to take the good and bad, and learn from it. Over the last few years we have not adjusted to a loss but rather used mid-season losses as a stepping stone to an utter collapse. This is not that team and this is not that coaching staff we have seen it all year, adjustments and changes made for different situations. Do you think that Michigan’s defense will let the short passes kill them again, NO. Will the offense let Blitzes force them into mistake, NO. This team will continue to learn and improve rather than backslide like seasons past.

Drob Vs. The Passing game – Its been an up and down year for Drob. How is this possible? I’m not really sure especially for a guy who is our whole offense. But regardless of the fact that he is amazing there have been times this year where Laces has struggles in the passing game(first three quarters of ND, first half against NW and, M$U game). Don’t get me wrong it’s not entirely his fault drops, bad routs, and missed assignments have contributed to these issues. At this point in the year we are still not sure what to expect from our passing game and the results seem to change by quarter. Many of these issues are the result of the new system and need for time to work themselves out. Remember Drob 2 years ago? He was a disaster passing. Last year Drob had a better grip on the system and was a much better passer. I’m not saying that playing one game against Purdue will resolve all issues(Although Purdue has let 3 teams drop close to 200 yards passing and 2 teams close to 300 yards) I do want to continue to see more of the good passing team and less and less of the bad. And I believe that the 2 weeks off should help.

Final Thoughts:

Although if you look above, all the matchups are Michigan Vs. Michigan this is not that far from the truth. Michigan has the talent now to beat almost any team in the country on a given Saturday. And with the talent in place it all comes down to is the question of can we execute the gameplan. Purdue is not a great team this year, getting clobbered by ND and losing to Rice(yeah Rice) is not the making for a great opponent. But they should not be underestimated, look at Illinois great start to the season, like us of old one bad loss and they have taken a plunge letting Purdue rough them up. We cant let this be our fate as well after a bad loss. Michigan will be prepared after the  bye week and take out 2 weeks of frustration(Defense and Offense)  on Purdue. Look for UM to reverse the trend and take out Purdue reaching  our 7th Win of the year.

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