What Saturday Means

Since Michigan had a bye last weekend, I’m going to do essentially the same as I did last week and explain what the outcome of the Big Ten play means for Michigan’s chances in the division and conference. Really there was only one major game that had real ramifications and that was of course Sparty’s win over Wisconsin.

Let’s start with the positive. It’s hard to swallow (that’s what she said) but at the very least it makes that loss to Sparty not look as bad as I previously thought. When you consider the missed opportunities Michigan had in that game, and the shooting themselves in the foot with play calling or missed assignments, you see Michigan isn’t that far away from a Big Ten title. Also on the positive side looks like Illinois might be taking a nose dive, they aren’t in our division but it makes that trip to Champaign look even more winnable. Lastly, if we luck out to the Big Ten title game, Wisconsin all of a sudden looks rather human.

On the down side, it’s not going to be easy to get to the Big Ten title game. Still need to win out which is something I do consider very doable, but we will need Sparty to lose 2 Big Ten games. The only ones remaining that look like they might be trouble is @Neb, @Iowa and @NW. I like the Cornhuskers to win at home and then it comes down to can 1 of the others pull the upset. Well it’s clear Cousins is a different man on the road and sparty has a history of losing Big Ten games they are not suppose to. So while it is still not the best odds, it is still very possible Michigan can sneak in.

If my points about Cousins on the road or Sparty’s history of choking doesn’t make you feel better maybe this will; CBS Sports still projects Michigan to get an at large bid for a BCS Game. Check out the link below; and after watching that suck job by Oklahoma last Saturday I say bring it on

CBS Sports Projections Click Here

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