Tuesday Morning QB

Well I usually do an entire post explaining the aftermath of the game Saturday but really I can explain the Sparty game in one sentence. And that is missed opportunities; missed opportunities and most importantly missed opportunities. If you watched the game you know what I mean. So instead of going over each of those opportunities (and giving me a migraine) lets look at what last weekend means for the Big Ten race.

Although this loss hurt, Michigan is still very much alive in the Legends division. Consider last week I said this game was the most difficult left on the schedule simply because Sparty is a solid (and dirty) team, at home where their fans are intense (and violent), mixed in the fact that this is their Bowl, Super Bowl, World Series and Finals all wrapped into one. No other team really scares me that is left; if we just play our game (especially now that Illinois has shown they were a mirage). Purdue and Iowa look like garbage, again Illinois was a mirage (and I’m never scared of going to Champaign), Nebraska has shown they are not as good as we thought coming into the season and we have them at home. Lastly, that school in Ohio is a shell of it former self, having that game at home it well be personal and I don’t see Michigan losing that at the Big House. Ohio looks like it is getting better but their coach still looks like a deer in the headlights and really how much confidence exactly did you have in Ron Zook last week?

Sparty is in the driver’s seat but they are hosting the Badgers this Saturday, they have about a snowballs chance in hell of winning that one. Now that would put the 3 lead teams in the legends each at one loss in the Big Ten. On Oct. 29 the Cornhuskers host Sparty in a game where I think Nebraska will come out on top in a close game (Remember Kirk Cousins plays like Sh*t on the road). If that is so it could very well set up that Michigan v. Nebraska at the Big House to decide the division (not to mention Sparty always seems to find a way to lose a Big Ten game they are suppose to win). So it is not all gloom and doom, Michigan is still very much alive.

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