Moo U Week 7 Preview


  • M$U has a very Balanced offensive attack for the most part this year with the starters running the ball 97 times and Little Cousins throwing 97 times (This Excludes the Loss to ND) .
  • Although M$U is 4-1 their O line has had issues getting their run game going(79th in the country), Neither Bell nor Baker has had an 100 yard day.
  • The failure of the running game has resulted in Moo U being 62nd in the nation in points for.
  • M$U’s Defense while rated very high (3rd in points against) is very overrated and the only decent offense they played lit them up. For example:
    • Youngstown state FCS school
    • Florida A & M Ranked 115th in the nation.
    • ND Ranked 44th in the country and they dropped 31 on M$U
    • Central Michigan 95th overall
    • And O$U is ranked 86th

(For the record Michigan is ranked 21st in the country in Points for 23 teams better than ND who scored 31 on little brothers vaunted defense)

Key Match-ups:

Drob Vs. M$U Secondray– Denard has certainly had an up and down year throwing the ball(see last week first half disaster second half Tom Brady against NW). M$Us secondary is averaging one INT a game and hasn’t allowed more than 161 passing yards. But Drob is a different beast than what they have seen. The same problem that many teams have had will continue with Sate if you commit to stop the run and Drob is throwing accurately; he will find seems and burn you. So much of the equation relies on Denard who showed improvement in the season thus far passing the ball, if the improvement continues and Laces can limit the turnovers Michigan will have a huge game through the air.

Michigan Run Game Vs. M$U Front Seven – While the passing game will be a key to victory the run game is our bread and butter. Drob Smith and Fitz will have their hands full with M$U though. Moo U’s front seven hasn’t allowed a rusher to gain more than 75 yards against them this season but they haven’t faced a back field yet even close to the caliber of Michigans. The Wolverines are currently ranked 8th in the country in Rushing yards, averaging 257 yards a game. The closest that M$U has seen to this kind of production is from ND who are ranked 30th with 194 rushing yards a game. M$U will focus heavily to contain Laces(like most teams) which will put more stress on our other backs to make plays. To this point in the season we have seen different backs step up in different games(Shaw WMU and NW, Smith EMU MN, Fitz WM MN) Look for this to continue with one of the backs giving M$U fits all day.

Kirk “Little” Cousins/ B.J. Vs. The Michigan Secondary– To this point in the season our secondary has been light years ahead of what we have seen the last couple of years. Players have stepped up all over with veteran like J.T. Floyd looking good and freshman like Countess surprising everyone. But we have still let a few of the better receivers gain tons of yardage (White 119, Floyd 159, Ebert 86). But interestingly enough while they gained a ton of yardage, none of those Good wideouts have scored on Michigan’s secondary. This will play in perfectly to M$U’s only passing threat B.J. B.J. has had a big year but has only found the end zone twice.  While he most likely will gain some yards against our tricky secondary I would not be surprised if by the end of the day there is a doughnut in the TD column next to his name.

Final Thoughts:

Don’t get me wrong this is not going to be a cake walk, Michigan will need to win the turnover battle and must avoid a first half like last week in order to beat M$U. But like I’ve said all season this is not the same Michigan team from the past few years and we know coach Hoke has gotten this team prepared and pumped up for this big game. Drob will only be contained for so long before he bust this game open. The streak stops at three and Michigan recovers the Paul Bunyan trophy.

Beat State!

Go Blue!

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