Buckeye Fail of the Week

This was an easy decision… and of course everyone will be back for the last week of the season. What a joke, should have been for the rest of the season but whatever.

Ohio State Buckeyes’ DeVier Posey suspended for another 5 games

Via Plain Dealer

The NCAA has suspended Ohio State receiver DeVier Posey for another five games, a ruling that drew the ire of Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith and virtually wipes out Posey’s senior season.

Larry James, the attorney for Posey and other OSU players involved with the NCAA, said he believes the NCAA is punishing Posey for his association with former OSU quarterback Terrelle Pryor, since the NCAA cannot punish Pryor, who is now in the NFL. James said he provided documentation that Posey was properly paid for his time working for an OSU booster.

“I believe they think he was probably dirtied by Terrelle Pryor,” James said in a phone interview. “I think that’s the reason they simply would not believe anything. That’s the only thing that could make sense.”

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