NFL Wolverine Of The Week

Two former Wolverines showed up big time for their teams this week. LaMarr Woodley and Steve Breaston both played a big part in their respective team’s victories. But there can only be one NWOTW and this week’s winner is LaMarr Woodley. Woodley edges out Breaston for the following reasons; 1. The receiver opposite Breaston, Dwayne Bowe had a better day than Steve with 128 yards and 2 TDs 2. LaMarr had the best day of any Steeler and James Harrison was out giving the Titans more opportunities to double Woodley. LW would finish the day with 3 tackles 1.5 Sacks and an interception to close the door on a Tennessee comeback. Congrats to Sack Master LaMarr Woodley for winning Wolverine of the week

Honorable Mentions

  • Steve Breaston- Had 4 receptions for 50 yards and 2 TD’s including the game winning TD in the fourth quarter.

LaMarr, Breaston and the best tattoo ever

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