Monday QB 10/10/11

I would like to try something different for this segment. I usually break down the last game but Saturday was just a microcosm of everything we have reiterated (Denard up/down accuracy, halftime adjustments, improved D, etc). We reached the half-way point to the regular season and many people are now reevaluating their projections. I for one am looking a lot harder at my best case scenario. Granted the most difficult part of the schedule is coming up (though a number of the teams don’t look as strong as previously thought). In thinking about the next slew of games I’ve come to a realization. Now I don’t like making grand declarations…. Actually who am I kidding I love doing that. Simply put, if Michigan finds a way to win in East Lansing, Michigan will finish the regular season undefeated and play for the Big Ten Title.

Let me explain, I don’t think Sparty is all that great. People talk up the defense without paying much attention. Sparty has done a great job of shutting down cupcakes and the worst offensive performance by an O$U team I’ve ever seen. The one good offense they played they got lit up by ND. The reason that I’m not 100% sold on a Michigan win next Saturday is because it’s going to be a tough atmosphere. Michigan got the win on the road last week but that was mostly a neutral site. You also have to factor in that this is Sparty’s Super Bowl. It always means more to them and they always will be ready (though sometimes they can be over pumped which could help us). I think this is the most difficult game left and if the Wolverines win I don’t see anything holding them back, let me show you why.

Purdue and Iowa should be easy, both teams will give their best shot but I don’t expect that to be much. Iowa has made clear they are worse than anyone really thought. Illinois looks a lot better than previously thought but their only quality victory is against a VASTLY OVERRATED PAC 12 TEAM in Arizona State. To be fair I’m blasting the entire Pac 12 as OVERRATED and Garbage. Illinois barely hung on to win at home against Western Michigan and NW. Also, let Indiana hang in the game a lot longer than they should have and if the Hoosiers didn’t make so many dumb mistakes that game would have ended a lot closer. I never have fear of Champaign and from what I have seen from this team I don’t expect Michigan to have too much trouble. I mean if they are able to win in East Lansing, shouldn’t be an issue winning this game.

Now Nebraska’s offense is very one dimensional, no way they want Martinez throwing the ball. With Greg Mattison only having one area to worry about, he will take that away from the Huskers. Additionally, NEB’s defense has looked a lot weaker than was projected before the season. And the fact that the game is in the Big House I don’t see Michigan losing. Lastly, do I even need to explain O$U and how vastly beatable they look. Some might worry that Braxton Miller looked good to start that Nebraska game, going back and looking at the film I think it had more to do with Nebraska just going through the motions… and forgetting how to tackle. If you need something else to sooth those worries Luke Fickell looks more in over his head than Greg Robinson did last season (and when he coached Syracuse for that matter).

So with all this being said, if Michigan can win in such a hostile environment, I predict they run the table in the regular season.

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