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Five Surprising Un-defeated Teams Make Marks as Conference Contenders

Last week, I swooned over LSU and Alabama. Saturday night, I bestowed serious praise on Wisconsin. College football fans will hear plenty about Oklahoma and Texas this week, and plenty more about Boise State and Stanford when those teams play an opponent of note.

This week, however, we’re here to analyze some other undefeated teams: the season’s early surprises. They’re not on any short lists for New Orleans just yet, but clearly expectations have changed for these five schools, which were all unranked when the season began.

 No. 12 Michigan (5-0): Yes, we’ve seen this before (last season, in fact), but the Wolverines are crushing teams right now. They followed an impressive 28-7 win over San Diego State with a 58-0 whitewash of Minnesota, in which coach Brady Hoke broke out a two-quarterback package that put Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner on the field at the same time.

But the real story has been the Michigan defense. These Wolverines aren’t vastly more talented than last year’s horrendous group, but they’re flying to the ball and creating pressure and turnovers (12). They’ve allowed a combined 10 points the past three games. That’s a big change from the disastrous Greg Robinson era.
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