Monday QB 10/3/11

Now that was a strong performance. Yes I know Minny is one of the worst teams in College Football and Eastern Michigan might be able to take them down (correction most likely would take them down). But consider last years Michigan defense; they most likely would have given up 17 points in that game… think about it… you know I’m right about that. It definitely seems clear that the defense continues to improve from week to week which leads one to believe that this year 5-0 might be very different that last.

Now the offense looked very impressive, granted Minny’s defense reminded me of Delaware State. The big thing I take away from Saturday was the use of Devin Gardner and D-Rob in the back field. As many people said this makes future defense have to prepare for this look, taking a lot of time away from other areas. And I have to believe they have a few other wrinkles to that formation that they may use about bigger competition.

Now I kept it short becomes I have to go off topic for something that is driving me crazy. If I hear one more person talk about how great Sparty’s defense is I’m going to drive to ESPN studios and take a crap on someone’s desk (not sure which one yet). They have shut down NOBODY, that O$U offense is horrendous; they should have lost to Akron and got beat down by an extremely average Miami team. The one quality offense they played, they got dominated (Notre Dame), their big wins Youngstown State, Florida Atlantic, and Central. So this idea that Sparty’s defense is elite makes me want to vomit. Sorry about this rant but I’m being driven to insanity by this thought that everyone seems to be having.

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