San Diego State Week 4 Preview


  • The Aztecs offense features the Nations second Leading rusher Ronnie Hillman. Through 3 games Hillman has 497 yards and 8 TD’s.
  • SDSU QB Ryan Lindley has also had a lot of success this season throwing the ball with 677 yards 7 TDs and only 1 INT.
  • The Offensive Line Led by SRs Tommie Draheim (LT), Mike Matamua (LG), and Kurtis Gunther (RT) have opened tons of holes in the running game (Rushing yards at 24th in the nation) and only allowed 1 Sack.
  • Although the offense has been good the defense has been only decent against mediocre teams and has allowed an average of 21 points a game.


Key Match-ups:

Drob Vs. The Passing game – Well one bad week of throwing the ball and everybody is all over one of the greatest players to wear the Maize and Blue. Drob had a nice game throwing the ball against Western and then rough outings against ND(except the fourth quarter) and EMU. It’s time to stop the hate and the over analysis, Laces was a bit banged up last week and ND’s Defense was underrated (See ND VS. M$U). This week’s game will be a good test for Denard, while I wholeheartedly expect the Wolverines to run the ball like crazy with Denard, Smith, and Fitz the opportunities to throw will show up. This is where is think Denard can really make some progress in the passing game SDSU has a FR starting at CB and a sophomore starting at SS. Not to mention both their starting corners are 5-10 Vs. 6-1 Roundtree and 6-1 Hemingway the receivers should really be able to make some plays as well. Look for Borges to dial up some easy passing plays early to get Drob and going combined with a solid running game and Denard should have a good day throwing the ball.


The Michigan Defense Vs. SDSU’s Balanced Offense- Our Defense is in for a tough test this week. For the first few weeks Michigan has faced Offenses that Either Excel at passing (Western and ND) or predominantly use the run (EMU) SDSU poises a unique challenge in that they are very good at running the ball and are also solid passing the ball. Our defense has started games off slow as of this point but made great adjustments and shut teams down. I think the key to this game will be Shutting down the run(I know I know that’s the key to most games). As I mentioned earlier Ronnie Hillman is a beast at running back and is the nations second leading rusher, if the defense can slow him down our corners should be able to limit the one weakness of the offense the WRs. Two out of the Aztecs starting wideouts are freshman and corners Woolfork and Floyd should have no problem shutting them down. Look for our defense to crowd the box all day relying on solid play from our more experienced corners.


Final Thoughts:

This might be one of the toughest games for Wolverines this season. I don’t really see our offense having trouble moving the ball through the air and on the ground thus the real challenge will be for our defense. I think our youthful Linebackers step up early forcing the Aztecs to abandon the run and making a young WR core have trouble with our more experienced CBs and Ss. If the team can pull together and accomplish these feats it will be a long day for SDSU.

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