Vincent Smith: Short but Sweet

A lot of people have been talking(including Hoke and the Coaches) about how Vincent Smith has Earned the starting Job at RB. I’m happy for VS but i also know that players like Fitzgerald Toussaint will compliment him and see the field plenty. There has also been talk about how VS is too small… Have a look at this list and tell me that these NFL stars are also too small:

Vincent Smith 5″6 

Darren Sproles 5″6

Maurice Jones Drew 5″7

Leon Washington 5″8

Ray Rice 5″8

Its ridiculous to think that VS cannot carry the load of a starting back, i mean Mike Hart was only 3 inches taller than him and if he can play half as well as Hart, Smith would be a great back.

For more info on how the coaches feel about Vincent Smith check out this article from Click Here

We will be back tomorrow with The SDSU Preview. Go Blue!!

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