Monday QB 9/19/11

Welcome back to the top 25!! For the first time in ages Michigan is ranked higher than ND M$U and O$U. It all started this weekend with a convincing W over Eastern on Saturday. Champion of the East is off today so I’ll be breaking down Saturdays game.

Let’s start with the bad and get it out of the way. Two points I wanted to touch on, one Drob had a bit of trouble throwing the ball going 7 for 18 with 2 TDs and 1 INT those numbers are ok but not great.  Even with those numbers and a bunch of high throws I’m still not too concerned about Denard passing and he’ll only get more comfortable as the season progresses. The second problem I wanted to touch on is the slow start.For the most part it was just the first quarter but we seem to feel out the other team on both offense and defense before we get going. This is less of an issue against an Eastern Michigan but we’ll need to score some points early in the game during Big Ten competition.

Although we started slow on offense and defense this team really adjust well to the pace of the game and then takes control.  We saw it against Western, and to some extent we saw it against ND(although late in the game) but this team and coaching staff does a great job making adjustments and Saturday was no exception. After the first quarter the Run defense tightened up and Drob got the running game going. The ability to make these adjustments is going to continue to help the team down the road as well.

Another bright point of the game on Saturday was seeing that we really do have playmakers on both sides of the ball (Other than Laces). On defense Death Roh was flying around Saturday making big plays and in the secondary Thomas Flash Gordon made an already poor passing team afraid to throw when he snagged an insane 1 handed interception. On the other side of the ball The running picture is really starting to clear up With Vincent Smith Making a statement Saturday with 9 carries for 118 yards! Although Toussaint wasn’t nearly as dynamic with only 46 yards and TD, these 2 complement each other well and should really help take some of the load off of Drob.

All in all Saturday was a great win for the Wolverines and they now must start preparing for a much  more difficult opponent in the Aztecs.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow for the NFL Wolverine of the Week.

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