Michigan Fans Save Life of ND Fan

Great story…. don’t think fans is places such as Columbus would be so responsive.

Via AP

Associated Press

Ann Arbor — A Notre Dame fan who suffered cardiac arrest during Saturday’s game at Michigan survived to watch the final touchdowns from a hospital bed.

U-M says 69-year-old Leo Staudacher’s heart stopped beating during the second quarter of the game at Michigan Stadium.

The Bay City man survived thanks in part to one football fan who began CPR and others who called for medical assistance.

The medical team used a defibrillator and he was transported to the University of Michigan Health System, where he was diagnosed with suffering a heart attack.

After treatment at the hospital, he watched part of the final quarter from an intensive care unit bed — and saw Michigan’s thrilling 35-31 win.

“My family watched while they shocked me with the paddles,” AnnArbor.com reported that Staudacher said in a UMHS news release. “But it was the fans and their prompt CPR that saved my life.”

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