Eastern Michigan Week 3 Preview


  • Eastern Michigan’s offense is entirely based on running(including the QB), they are 5th in the nation in rushing yards accumulating 331 Yards in the first 2 games.
  • Eastern Michigan also spreads their carries around with QB Alex Gillett, and RB’s Dominique Sherrer and Javonti Greene all carrying the ball more than 20 times this season.
  • This team has no passing attack ranking towards the bottom of the NCAA at 117th(QB Gillett also has 2 INTs and 3 TDs and a total of  176 yards in 2 games).
  • EMU has also been stingy on defense until this point in the season allowing 9 points in the first game and 7 in the second
  • It is worth noting that Eastern has only played FCS schools so far this season.


Key Match-ups:

The Michigan Run Game Vs. Drob – This is the first time I have matched up 2 units on the same team. But this is a very important point that must not be overlooked after last Saturday. Just like last Season, Denard took over the ND game and won it in the 4th quarter, almost single handily. Subsequently the Run game (other than laces) disappeared. There was good reason for this the run game was pathetic against ND with Hopkins Rushing 5 times for 10 yards, Smith running 1 time for 3 yards and Shaw running 2 f0r -3 yards.  Now it’s great to win and I agree you have to do whatever it takes but to be successful down the stretch Michigan has to find more balance in their running attack. This week will be a great test for our team and coaches and I think they are up to it. Michigan needs to play like the first game of the season balancing Drobs running talents with our stable of running backs. While this EMU defense is not a great unit and has had trouble with the pass the last couple of weeks (they let Alabama State throw for 336 passing yards) they have been fairly good stopping the run and should give the Michigan backs a nice test.


Michigan’s Front Seven Vs. EMU Running attack- It’s no secret that Eastern Runs the ball and has Run it well. From QB Alex Gillett who rushed for over 70 yards twice to their 2rd string RB Dominique Sherrer who has rushed for over 100 yards in both games this season. This will be a test for our front seven who can really focus on stopping the run with eastern lack of a passing game. But just because we know they are going to run doesn’t mean our defense can stop it (Wisconsin… not comparing the two but you get my point.).  And even though last week was not pretty against the run with ND amassing almost 200 yards on the ground the team did step up repeatedly on 3 and short stopping Wood and Gray in their tracks.  Our defense has the ability and body’s to stop the run it just comes down to experience and execution. And I think our team can use this game as a defensive building block for the rest of the season.


Final Thoughts:
This is really not a tough game to pick and I don’t see a Hoke coached Michigan team having more than a drive hangover from last week’s drama. Michigan will devour Eastern’s one dimensional offense and Laces will tear apart their weak secondary. Look for those two pieces plus a balanced run attack to help Michigan waltz to an easy victory.

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