Buckeye Fail of the Week

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Buckeye Fail of the Week. Funny that it really isn’t hard for me to do a quick google search of the words “Buckeye” and “arrest” and find something new for the week. You stay classy Columbus

Via News 10

he Ohio State Department of Athletics released a statement on Friday saying that Paul Hamm, assistant coach with the men’s gymnastics team, has been terminated.

Police arrested Paul Hamm Saturday night after they said he assaulted a taxi driver and then wrestled with a police officer in the 2500 block of Wexford Avenue, 10TV News reported.

“After meeting with Coach (Rustam) Sharipov and considering his recommendations, Paul Hamm has been terminated as an assistant coach with the Ohio State men’s gymnastics team, effective immediately,” Gene Smith, Ohio State Associate Vice President/Director of Athletics, said

Full Article Click Here

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