NFL Wolverine Of The Week

What a great weekend for football! Other than one of the greatest college football games of all time, a small upstart league called the NFL had their kick off to the 2011 season. And the start of the NFL season signifies the return of Tuesday’s NFL Wolverine of the Week. I love doing these posts because for me (although I’m a New Yorker and pull for the Jets) only really care about how the past Wolverines play each week.  And this gives me a chance to single out the best of the best.

Well the reigning NFL Wolverine of the Year had a prime time game on Monday Night Football and he did not disappoint. And although I’m from New York there is NO question that Tom Brady is the man and the NFL Wolverine of the Week. Not only is he the NWOTW but he will most likely be the NFL player of the week period. Just to walk through a few of his stats Brady went 32 for 48(66.7%) for 517 Yards(!!!) and 4 TDs. The highlight of the night was a 99 yard reception from the Pats own endzone. Congrats to Tom Brady for starting the season off right.

Runner Up:

Chad Henne-If not for Tom, a Rejuvenated Henne would have been the easy choice.  After being booed during the off season Chad had a nice performance throwing 30 passes for 416 yards and 2 TDs on Monday night.

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