Monday QB 9/12/11

UTL = Amazing

First let me congratulate Dave Brandon on the festivities, everything all around made for an amazing night (of course the game excitement helped). The Legend ceremony with Desmond Howard lived up to its billing. All this, with the incredible finish to the game made for one of the most special nights in Michigan’s long history.

After saying that, don’t get me wrong, the team has a long way to go to get where we want them to be. With that said, if you make the claim that the game was won by luck alone, you make clear you don’t have a deep understanding of football. Yes luck is always good, but you have to realize Fortune Favors the Bold. The different blitz packages (that does need to be worked on, more on that in a bit), contributed to at least 2 of the INTs. Please just go back and look at the film, by getting in NDs QBs face, you mess up his eternal clock. And if you go back and look at Reese’s fumble when he just seemed to drop the ball you will see a Michigan lineman, I believe it was Jibreel Black right in his face ready to swat the pass down. You got to believe having Black in his face had something to do with the fumble. I looks like Reese wanted to do a pump fake and just lost it, (you just don’t see that normally happen unless someone causes it).

Now the defense left a lot to be desired, the biggest problem was constantly tipping our hand in terms of our blitz. Moving forward one change that can be made during the season that will help tremendously is changing it up a bit. The first INT by Michigan they showed blitz and backed off. Reese changed the protection and got rid of the ball faster than he should have. This needs to happen more, along with when you see the QB change protection (which Reese did constantly) we need to be ready to change the blitz or back off. If we can instill that we will continue to create turnover opportunities in the future. The run defense left me rather disappointed, but they did make some plays. So the talent is there to improve, the coaching staff needs to hammer this into them. I don’t think there is much else you can do besides that.

On the offense, yes Denard throw a lot of balls up for grabs, but I think that had to do more with ND DBs not looking for the ball at all. When you see that in the opposing secondary you need to take advantage. (Now throwing it up for grabs to Gallon whose height is like 5-8, is a bad idea no matter who you are playing). Now if I see the jump ball constantly against NW or Sparty then I might sound the alarm, but until then I got to believe Denard and the coaching staff was just trying to attack an extreme weakness in the ND secondary.

Finally, Michigan grabbing another victory on Saturday by landing safety Dymonte Thomas (class of 2013) was another big win. Now that a great land, but what could make it tremendous would be if Dymonte can talk his cousin 5 Star RB Brionte Dunn (current OSU commit) to join him in Michigan. Dymonte is already on record saying he’s going to try… that would be HUGE! Well time will tell on that.

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