Monday Morning QB 9/5/11

Since this will be the first Monday Morning QB article we are putting up this year I feel I should remind our readers what we try to do here. I try not to give you a rehash of the game, since I’m sure you have had plenty of that. I’m just going to try to touch on the most important things we learned from the past Saturday and what it means for the future. Let’s start with the negative.

The defense began the day looking rather confused. In all honesty that is to be expected for a team with a completely new system (This isn’t meant as an excuse, just an explanation). Of course I’m sure, you as I had flashes of last season running through your head. As the game went on it seemed that a combination of adjustments and just getting more comfortable let the defense establish itself. The blitz packages reminded me as something out of the NFL, specifically the Jets (which makes sense since Rex and Mattison both coached with the Ravens and have similar schemes). While I see the defense still has a ways to go, once they get comfy with the packages, they will be a real pain for college QBs.

Another downside was the Special Teams coverage. There isn’t much to say on that, except repetition, repetition, and repetition. We need to work consistently on it but this is a part of the game that can be relatively easy to improve during the season. I know Hoke currently has some starters on coverage, perhaps we should have more until we shore that side of the ball up.

I wanted to bring up how excited we are at Wolverineseast about the ball control of the offense. This was something we have called for since we started this blog. Running the clock limits all the areas Michigan is weakest. It limits the amount of time the defense is on the field (and gives them the needed breather), it limits the mistakes of turning the ball over, and last but not least it helps to keep Denard healthy by limiting the hits he takes. By shortening the game, you shorten all of these areas. I’m very excited about that and I’m encourage by the look of the Offense. The mix of spread and pro continues to utilize Denard’s ability and adds to the amount our opponents will have to prepare.

Lastly, I had an amazing time at the Big House this last weekend. I love making the pilgrimage from NYC to Michigan each year. I and woodsonbaby were some of the last people to leave (we refused until official word came out of the game officially ending), I was able to snap a great picture. I tweeted it out and in case you missed it find it here. Well that raps up Monday Morning QB, bring on the Catholics!

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