Big Ten Preseason Rankings Part 4

Welcome to the top 3 preseason rankings. (Sorry for the delay, work has picked up a bit).

Rank 3. Big Ten: Ohio State

Well when you unexpectedly lose your starting QB and head coach you have to expect that your team will take a step back. They have enough talent to stay in the top portion of the Big Ten…. Okay I’m going to stop myself here I really don’t like breaking down O$U, just know they should be solid but take a big step back from what they are used to seeing over the last few years.

Rank 2. Big Ten: Wisconsin

Once again the Badgers should have the best Running attack in the Big Ten and it should carry them into contention. My only concern and why I didn’t put them at #1 is that the loss of Tolzien will hurt. No he wasn’t flashy but he was a very good and often underrated QB. Their defense also takes a few hits to graduation but Wisconsin’s coaching staff, they always seem to replenish their needs. With O$U suffering and getting Nebraska at home, the Badgers could very well be going to the Big Ten title game.

Rank 1. Big Ten: Nebraska

The defense should be a big reason the Cornhuskers take a trip to the Big Ten Title game. With the D-Line losing only one player and a strong group of LBs I think Neb perhaps is the only team in the Big Ten that can slow down Wisconsin’s running attack. With Taylor Martinez at QB, off a strong RS Freshman year I think the sky could be the limit for the Cornhuskers. Their only difficult road test will be at Wisconsin, which I think is a toss-up. My guess, win or lose that game they take down the Badgers in the Big Ten Title game.

Well that wraps up the Big Ten Preseason Power Rankings. Of course I hope I’m wrong about a Nebraska v. Wisconsin Title Game since that seems rather boring. (Much prefer a Michigan v. Penn State showdown; or who am I kidding a Michigan vs. Anybody showdown). Lastly, after all this work to bring you the Preseason Rankings I like to remind you that they mean absolutely nothing… Let get to FOOTBALL

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