Demar Dorsey’s Challenge in Grand Rapids

I wasn’t going to post this story from a week and a half ago but we get a surprising amount of Demar Dorsey inquiries so I finally decided to post this on our blog for our readers to see. An overall positive story on Demar, as I said before I don’t care if he ends up one day coming to Ann Arbor. After learning a lot about him a year ago, I just really hope he has turned his life around. (Sorry if I sound a little sappy, he just reminds me of a few friends of mine growing up).

Via Mlive

GRAND RAPIDS — Demar Dorsey said he has changed since the days of his youthful indiscretions.

It has been more than three years since the once-prized football recruit’s last arrest — and third felony charge since he was 15 — in July 2008. And it has been a little more than a year since he was denied admission by the University of Michigan and, soon after, by the NCAA.

“Whatever happens in the past don’t mean you live in the past,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey, ranked the No. 12 overall recruit in the nation in 2010 by ESPNU, is taking a step toward his future by attending Grand Rapids Community College and playing football for the Raiders. He likely is two years away from an associate degree and an opportunity to play at a Division I school.

“I’m here for a purpose,” said Dorsey, who enrolled at GRCC in January. “My purpose is to get my grades and move on. Talent-wise, I know I should be playing on the next level, but what I did at a younger age put me where I’m at right now.”

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