Get Paid or Get Suspended

We have two  stories today, one good and one bad so lets get the bad news out of the way first. we have learned over the last few months that our new head coach is not taking shit from anybody, but after this weekend it has become apparent his players aren’t getting away with anything either. Coach Hoke taught the fans and his players a valuable lesson. “In order to build a championship-caliber culture, you have to be accountable to each other on and off the field.” While this comes at the expense of putting talent(such as Darryl Stonum and Will Hagerup) on the sideline, in the end this will benefit the team forcing players to stay out of trouble and return the team to greatness.

On a more positive note at the end of last week two Wolverines made a free agency splash. First one Michigan star moved west(Jets will miss you dearly. !#ckin Plax…) as Braylon Edwards Joined the 49ers. I believe this will be a good fit for BE; 1. this is a run first team like the Jets and there is no better WR at blocking in the run game than Braylon. and 2. teaming up with Crabtree(eventually) and TE Vernon Davis, this team should light up the scoreboard all year. I’m also hoping to see Braylon teach Ted Ginn how to play football(Hopes are low).

The second Wolverine to get paid is one of the most underrated players in the NFL! 26 year old Pro Bowl Linebacker Lamarr Woodley scored the Second highest contract in Steelers history, a six-year, $61.5 million. All Wolverines fans knew that Woodley would be a success in the NFL but it took the Steelers until the second round  to come to that decision, and they have never looked back. Lamarr has reached 10+ sacks in three out of his four seasons and is considered by me to be the best linebacker in football.

Congrats to all the NFL Wolverines this off-season and good luck in preseason. And lets hope the Wolverines who were disciplined this week keep their noses clean during their red-shirts and suspensions.

Go Blue!

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