“We’re Michigan.”

In honor of Big Ten Media Day we will take a week off from 2011 position previews to examine what we saw from Michigan today(we will continue with position previews next week).

What can I say, the more i hear from coach Hoke the more I like him. A lot was said today during his press conference but the one theme that kept recurring was the Maize and Blue pride. While this might seem simple to some people, for me I live and breath Michigan. I have tremendous pride in the school and in the football program, and for the first time in a few years you truly see the same from the team leaders. This kind of pride is good. Its good for recruiting, its good for players confidence and it’s good in the eyes of the media.

Most people will tell you that the media circus doesn’t mean anything and nothing matters until you get on the field. But we have seen over the last few years what happens when you loose the media battle, the whole program can be taken down a notch. And with that being said I’m sure we are all very happy to see our first victory’s coming in late July.

Also worth noting, Hoke Mentioned today that he will decide if senior WR Darryl Stonum will be playing this season before fall practice starts.

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