Wedding Honeymoon and The Wolverines

Hi all, I’m Back from my absolutely amazing Wedding and Honeymoon. I would have liked to give you all more of a heads up but the weeks before the wedding were a blur. Regardless I am now back and ready to start looking forward to the season which is only a month and a half away:):):):):):):). Thanks to my festivities, the usually long and awful summer has been fast and lovely. While i was gone i did make a few Michigan notes(of course) 1. O$U continues to slide and it doesn’t seem like things are slowing down at all. 2. The O$U slide has begun to benefit the Maize and Blue (Welcome OL Kyle Kalis from the dark side). 3. and last but not least the positive vibe around the program and Coach Hoke has continued through the summer.

Over the next couple of weeks Champion of the East and I will bring to you our position and season preview for the 2011 Wolverines as well as a few surprises to get you through the rest of the off season. I will leave you with a picture from my wedding that may inspire you all. Its great to be Back and as Always Go Blue!!!!!

I had Michigan Cuff-link to Match the Bow-Tie

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