Darius Morris Mock Update

Its been bit since I gave a Darius Morris Draft stock update, so figured I should take care of that. Below are where some of my favorite mock drafts have him going.

NBADraft.net (23rd Pick to Rockets)

Draftexpress (Second Round 5th Pick to Kings)

Foxsports (23rd Pick to Rockets)

Hoopsworld (26th Pick to Mavs)

The Hoops Report (26th Pick to Mavs)

For the record I don’t see Darius falling to the 2nd round, but drafts are hard to predict. My best guess is he doesn’t slip pass Rockets at 23… in fact he could go as high as 14 to Rockets (Rockets have 2 first rd picks) if they think the Knicks or someone else might snatch him up. But again these things are hard to predict.

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