Monday Morning QB 6/13

Happy Monday Wolverines. The start of another week begins bringing us a few days closer to September 3rd. This season is really looking up for our new defense and returning high flying offense. And on that positive note, let’s get right into a few items.

First off I would like to discuss the New Legacy Adidas Football Jerseys announced on Friday night. These jerseys will be worn Vs. ND for the first night game ever in the Big House. I like the jerseys for a few reasons. One they give me a new Michigan Jersey to buy:). And It’s good to bring back elements from Michigan’s great past to usher in the new era of Michigan football. I hope this new tradition will be embraced by the team and wolverines fans alike.

As we have mentioned before on Wolverines East we are not huge fans of ESPN(Entertainment Sports Propaganda News). Unfortunately for us and the rest of the Country, ESPN has cornered the sports TV market giving us little choice (I mean we all need to watch sports 24/7 no?). But at least ESPN made one good call last week, their normally lackluster recruiting has placed Michigan’s 2012 recruiting class at 6 overall. This class has really gotten off to a great healthy defensive start and it’s nice to see that it is ranking high in the public eye as well as my biased eyes.

Last but not least I would like to reiterate that the football problems in Columbus are not temporary(contrary to O$U’s stupid President). That school and its lack of institutional control will be paying very severely over the next few months years for their cheating. Just like USC, SMU and many other schools caught cheating. I guarantee that this is just the beginning. More on this later in the week when additional O$U cheating is unearthed.

Go Blue!!!

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