Buckeye Fail Of The Minute Terrelle Pryor Edition

And the hits keep coming! With Jim Tre$$el removed I’m sure Suckeye fan thought they could take a deep breath well…Wrong! This evening it was announced that Terrelle Pryor will be leaving O$U foregoing his senior year in light of him being a cheater. This comes as no surprise to anyone considering he was already suspended for 5 games.

What does all this mean? for one we have to change Suckeye fail of the week to Suckeye fail of the minute, but in the grand scheme of things, it looks like this O$U self induced nightmare(Dream come true) is just beginning as we had suggested. With that said it looks like O$U should continue to see the collapse of their dirty cheating program with more players suspended or leaving, recruits de-commiting, and finally wins taken away and bowl eligibility removed.

As for TP he will now be taking “Talents” to the NFL supplemental draft, Canadian Football League or to a QB coach. This is one of those many occasions when you look at a QB who thinks he’s amazing but alas has 0% chance of playing QB in the NFL. Would I like to see him try? Hellz yeah, TP eating dirt or sitting on the bench would be priceless for me. But I’m sure someone will come along and ruin my fun by telling him “TP you have very little passing ability and survived at O$U cause of your legs, That does not work in the NFL, try TE.” But hopefully he will live in denial like he always has and really try to be a QB, Giving Michigan fans years of Fun on Sundays.

Go Blue!!!!

Thanks again CTAT for the New and Improved banner.

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