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Not much to report today besides the continual downfall of O$U:). Its great to see Terrelle Pryor taking the loss of his coach so well, I know it must be rough but I’m sure another new car will make him feel better.

And while the Money, TPs Cars, Jim  Tre$$els Vest collection O$U burns the rest of the college football world prepares to move through the slow summer towards the upcoming football season. And on that note the season preview mags will begin to sneak out where I’m sure Michigan and Laces will be disrespected. Pay these morons no mind because before you know it Wolverines East will begin our preview of the upcoming season(High level-> Detailed position break down->Season breakdown) and you know you can expect our brilliant, insightful, biased(Woodsonbaby) and, semi non biased(Champion of the East) coverage leading up to September 3. Hope we are not getting psyched to early. Go Blue!!!!

Also please enjoy the new banner(Thanks CTAT)

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