In Other News Michigan’s Next PG

Very good story from hoopsworld on Trey Burke. Wanted to post it a couple days ago, but it’s been a crazy week as you know. You might have to scroll down a little after clicking the link at the bottom.

Via Hoopsworld

Michigan’s Next Point Guard: With Darius Morris leaving the University of Michigan to enter the NBA Draft, the Wolverines will be without their leading scorer and passer. They’ll also be without a definitive answer at the point guard position, but one incoming recruit could change that.

Trey Burke, Ohio’s Mr. Basketball, is expected to play immediately and take over the Wolverines’ starting job at some point during the season.

“I hope to come straight in and make an impact,” Burke told HOOPSWORLD. “I want to make my teammates better, get everyone the ball and then score when I need to. I feel like I have to fill some big shoes, but I’m ready for whatever.”

Read more NBA news and insight:

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