$uckeye Fail Of The Century: The Jim Tressel Story

Happy Memorial Day Wolverines!!!

This might be the best Memorial Day ever but first i would like to thank Champion Of The East for keeping the website up while i recovered from; A. My bachelor party, and B. Being sick for a week.

Now to business its hard to know what to say when you wake up on a holiday and find out that a man who has given you nothing but strife and frustration over 10 years has been a fake, a liar and a cheat. Jubilation, redemption and numerous other feelings come to mind. The Michigan Faithful have known for years that there was something rotten going on in Columbus(Maurice Clarett anyone…) but in the last couple of months the rest of the world has come to know of the treachery and deceit draped in a vest.

Now that Tre$$el has resigned and essentially admitted to some if not all of the cheating, I truly hope this is only the beginning. For me this is not enough; the college football world lost a National Championship, 1 Heisman Trophy, and 7 Big Ten titles to this cheater and his teams. I don’t want to hear it from $uckeye fans that he “still deserves all the credit and accolades because he was a good coach on the field”. This is bullshit, he cheated and broke the rules. And these rules apply to all programs, when Michigan BBall broke the rules we paid our dues(10+ years of bad bball) and its time for O$U to pay, and return the rings and the wins. But this resignation is at least a start and for the O$U it is only the beginning of the fallout. Wins will be taken away and future sanctions will be put into place(No bowls, scholarship loss etc). Not to mention legacy of one of the better Big Ten coaches is now up in flames. As far as i’m concerned everything this man touched is irrelevant.

N0w what does this mean for Michigan Fans? Well not much, we will never get back the games and aggravation. It was not all the cheaters doing, Michigan had its chances as well. But Tre$$el or not we need to rally around our new coach and take down O$U 179 days from now!!!!

Go Blue!!!!

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