Darius Morris Pre-Draft Update (Sorry for the Wait)

What happens when you have two guys run a blog; one of them is preparing to get married and had his bachelor party last weekend, and the other has family issues (needed to attend a wake and funeral) and help with his friends bachelor party? Well you get about a week of blogging silence. So let me say sorry about that, just a lot going on for us outside the blogging world. Anyway, I wanted to update you on my personal obsession of Darius Morris Pre-Draft.

The most up to date Sporting News Mock Draft still has Morris going the highest of all the major sites at 17 to my team, the Knicks. Which would be a perfect fit for both parties. Knicks need a Backup PG bad, and with Morris’ size it would allow them to play Toney Douglas at shooting guard a lot more. This helps kill two birds with one stone for the Knicks who also need to find a Backup Shooting guard. Morris would allow them to use Toney Douglas more as a 2, solving that problem. With NY, Morris gets to learn from a PG with similar skills to his own and play in a system that too different from what he ran at Michigan. Additionally, the sites of HoopsHype/NBADraft.net agree with that pick. I said it before I think this is the highest he could go.

Lastly, I want to mention the pre-draft workouts, it seems his stock has went up. Which makes me hopeful he will be a definite first round pick. But in the draft anything can happen. He clearly showed that his shooting isn’t as abysmal as many scouts have said. Detnews made a good mention of his workouts:

During drills Thursday, Morris showed off his game.

“I think I surprised some people with my shooting, especially in the drill setting at the pro three and college three,” said Morris, who has workouts scheduled with several teams, including the Cavaliers and Pacers.

But Morris also showed his talent last season.

“He’s a real talented player, one of the best in the country with assists,” Purdue forward/center JaJuan Johnson said. “Good ballhandler, too. As the year went on, I watched him. He got better and better.”

From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20110520/SPORTS0102/105200335/U-M-guard-Darius-Morris’-pro-stock-rises-at-combine#ixzz1NP2rurkp

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