Darius Morris: A Pure Point Guard

Fantastic article, from one of my favorite Basketball scouting sites. It’s a great piece on Darius Morris. Before we get there, I’ve read some good reviews of Darious working out at Impact Basketball from Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld. If he continues to impress, I can see him going off the board as early as 17 to the Knicks, whom I know for a fact need a PG for future. This is of course assuming his workouts continue to go as well as they have so far. Anyway, check out the take on D Morris. (If you don’t want to read the entire article check out this statement; “In fact, with his attitude and leadership skills, he has a chance to be the biggest sleeper in the entire 2011 draft.”

Via NBADraft.net

There are a lot of great point guards in the NBA right now, but there are only four who can consistently get you ten dimes a game, Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Rajon Rondo. As the position has evolved, many teams are seeking the point guard that can hit the three, but historically, the great ones have always gotten you double digit assists. As we continuously label and relabel the position, different systems have different wants and needs, but to me, first and foremost, I want a guy that can distribute the ball.

In essence, we have the combo point guard, the pass first point guard and the shoot first point, but what teams really want is the win first point guard. Darius Morris is the kind of player that makes everyone around him better, and if you followed Michigan this year during the regular season and in the NCAA Tournament, you know that coming within one basket of taking defending champion Duke off the grid is nothing short of miraculous.

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