Draft Winners, Michigan in NYC and one Special Egg

As promised, I am going to provide a super post today.  In most of the world people may be knee deep in the dreaded offseason, but here at Wolverines East we have no offseason for our love affair with the Maize and Blue.

I would first like to discuss the NFL Draft and the big winners:

  • It was clear from day 2 on that the San Diego Chargers where the clear victors. SD snatched up the 2 best players in the draft getting huge value with LB Jonas Mouton at pick 61st and OL Stephen Schilling with the 201st pick. Trick or Treat Mouton was the perfect pick up for the awful Chargers linebacker core that will need all the help they can get to contain the great RBs of the AFC West. One of the things that the chargers have going for them is QB Phillip Rivers and what better way to help him then get the highly touted Offensive lineman Schilling to protect him.

Runner up: New England knows a good quarterback when they see one. And while partially flawed (leaving Michigan (would have been 1st overall if he had stayed)) patriots added another former Wolverine quarterback in Ryan Mallett who should have plenty of time to learn and develop under Tom Brady. On a side note I’m sure this will provide a quick ending to the painfully awful Brian Hoyer era in New England, Mallett should be able to beat that bum out for back up in 1 or 2 practices.

As I previewed yesterday with the draft going on in New York there has been tons of Michigan Fans in the Big Apple including one who drives this badass car!

Braylon Edwards Car?

In a shortened edition of Wolverine of the Week I would like to congratulate Former Wolverine Jamal Crawford for willing his team through a tough First round matchup with Dwight Howard and the Magic. Jamal has continued his remarkable shooting and court awareness to help the hawks steal 1 out of the 2, at the first seated Bulls home court in the second round.

Last but not least I would love to share my Easter creations with the Wolverines East community. Behold the patented Blue DRobin Egg complete with Authentic 16 jersey and now featuring Dreads…

Go Blue!!!

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