Word on Mouton/Landing Spot for Schilling?

First let me again congratulate Jonus Mouton for getting drafted by the Chargers in the late second round. I did a posting on him the day before, and honestly did not see him getting drafted that early. The Chargers must have seen the potential that we, as Michigan fans have seen in him this last season. I very much look forward to seeing what happens in his NFL career.

As for Stephen Schilling, I do expect him to be drafted. I actually think between the two (Mouton and Schilling) Mouton might have the biggest upside but Schilling has the best chance to see early action in the NFL. Just basing that on all the time watching the games, so just my opinion. Here is a good article from AnnArbor.com on Stephen Schilling’s thought process on the draft (Click Here).

Lastly, I found one team a while back that showed a real interest in the Guard from Michigan and had some good things to say. Check out the possible landing spot for Schilling (Click Here).

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