Spring Wrap

Where has the week gone? I wanted to put up the spring football round up last weekend but today will have to do.

Following spring practice and watching the spring game is always a little tricky for someone like me. Half of me wants to jump for joy with every big hit, pass and run. But now, thanks to Champion of the East, I now look at the spring with a more critical eye (Kinda). With that in mind I would like to go over a few points that are not debatable:

  • New Defense – Whether or not the defense will be improved next year is still up for debate (In truth there is no way they could be worse). What is not debatable is that there will be a new system in place on defense. Anyone who watched 5 seconds of the spring game would know this group is going to be in attack mode.  Different from last year’s 3-3-5ish defense (also known as “We sit back and QB___ picks us apart”) this defense is a big up front and physical 4-3 defense with blitzes galore. A defense like this with pressure in QBs faces will help mask many holes and inexperience in the secondary.
  • Drobs and the Wideouts increased experience – As time goes by DRob and his WR’s whether it is in the spread or in the west coast system, will get to know each other and abilities better. These players have now been together through the most part of 2 seasons and a spring practice. They have also grown closer on and off the field. You can say what you like about the WR drops from last season but if you look around the big ten it’s getting harder to find a more experienced and talented WR core. And Laces might not be the most polished passer. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s a winner and with time he will learn to read coverage’s better and eliminate some of the smaller mistakes he’s made passing in the past 2 seasons.
  • Healthy player=Better players – Last season for one reason or another Michigan Dealt with injury issues whether it be both our best corners getting hurt or Shoelaces getting banged up, we seemed to always have someone hurting. While every season will have these types of issues it’s nice to make it through the spring relatively healthy with hurt players still making nice progress to get back. While this seams small many of our issues on defense last year was because of the lack of experience and with a year and a spring practice now under their belt, we should see vast improvement from many of our players.

I would like to finish spring wrap-up with one more thought. While I tried to be objective(I Can’t) I do sense that this team has a great year ahead of them and will continue to make steps to bring Michigan back to greatness.

On a side note: Congrats to Ryan Miller for once again choking in big game situations. He has managed to keep with Moo U tradition all these years and choked under pressure.

Go Blue!!!!!

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