Buckeye Fail of the Early Week

This award can be difficult sometimes, yes you have the obvious choice of the lying liar Jim Tressel, you got Ohio State AD Gene Smith, and the always eloquent Terrelle Pryor. So I’ve decided to take a page out of my colleague (Woodsonbaby), and have co-Buckeye Fail of the early week.

Jim Tressel has lied multiple times. First by not disclosing the information he had on his players to his AD, and second when he “apologized,” stating he didn’t do anything with the information because he didn’t want to jeopardize the investigation. Well we find out later he forwarded the info to Pryor’s “mentor.” Well all I can say is, all of us Michigan fans knew he wasn’t as clean as many pundits thought. What a joke, I usually don’t like seeing people calling for someone to be fired and lose their livelihood, even at a shitty place like O$U but I don’t feel bad for Tressel at all in this case.

AD Gene Smith still hasn’t woken up to the fact that Tressel needs to go. This statement by the NCAA putting all the blame on Tressel makes it clear what needed to be done weeks ago. He already made himself look like a joke by stating he’s worried about Coach firing him….. if he has any gonads  he will fire him NOW. But he doesn’t so I look forward to the continued drama till he’s forced to do so or he is fired himself.

Terrelle Pryor immediately after the NCAA news broke yesterday twitted, “I Love Coach Tress!!” Of course you love someone who would lie to the NCAA for you, u Idiot…. Thank god he didn’t come to Michigan.

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