Hoke Springs Eternal in Ann Arbor-Spring Game Preview

I had to take a few day hiatus from writing based on the fact that my hands where too black and blue from punching the wall Saturday…no comment please. Well I’ve returned from the depths in time for my spring game preview. Some people don’t like the spring games, but for me it not only gives me Michigan football in the spring (Which would be enough) it also gives us a sneak peek into player progress. This year has an added layer, as we will get a firsthand look at the new offense and defensive systems, and how they will affect the outcome of the 2011 season.

Things to Watch:

  • DRob in the new offense – This No-brainer everyone wants to see how DRob is going to react to this new style of offense. Keep in mind he played a very similar style to this in high school and he should come out guns blazing.
  • New Defense – This is not the layback and Die Greg Robinson defense, this D will punch you in the mouth. With Greg Mattison and Brady Hoke at the helm we will see a large front that is ready to play.
  • Secondary – still some Questions marks in the secondary with Floyd and Woolfork not ready until the fall. We should still see improvement from the rest of the gang who will have an easier time this season with added pressure upfront.
  • Player separating themselves – I’m looking for players who are going to be team leaders. These players know that this may just be a scrimmage but are ready to show the world what they are made of. Have a close look at Roundtree, Big Will and of course Laces.

The last thing is to please not read too much into anything, this is spring ball after all. I’m guilty of this every year but this game will not feature the full playbook, blitzes, and no hitting DRob(Thank god). This game for me is a chance to see football one more time before the long summer so enjoy it!!! Go Blue

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