Tourney Update and MBB Rap-Up

First let me say sorry about the Frozen Four preview delay, WoodsonBaby is the Hockey expert but has been called away on business this week. So not sure if we’ll be able to get it up in time. Well let’s talk about the tournament so far, I still have 6 of my elite 8 (BYU, UConn, OSU, UNC, Kan, Duke), and 3 of my Final Four (UConn, Kan, UNC).Before we talk about these upcoming games, let me toot my own horn on predicting correctly each of the outcomes of the 3 teams from the state of Michigan (Oakland, Mich, Sparty).

Oakland hung tough but fell to Texas, I really think if this game was played in a real neutral court they would have pulled the upset… honestly not even sure it would be much of an upset. Sparty played horribly for most of the game, I give them credit for making it close but I think that had more to do with UCLA taking their foot off the pedal…. and UCLA not being that good to begin with. But Sparty didn’t make the run that many idiot pundits who didn’t watch them all year predicted they would. As for Michigan, like I said, got pass the first round (though easier than I thought) and put a scare into the D Bags at Duke. Call me a homer but if everybody indeed comes back I see this team being a borderline final four team. I know D Morris will be better, if Tim Hardaway develops into a star that we have seen flashes of, this team could be playing into April.

I would personally like to thank the Big East for screwing up my bracket. I still feel very confident about my 3 remaining Final Four picks. Michigan definitely showed Duke is vulnerable so I see either Arizona or UConn able to finish the job. Also it’s been made clear UConn has the best player in that region. Kansas has a cake walk to the Final Four; just don’t see a stumble in them. Really just need to bring the B game to win the next two. I still see UNC beating OSU (I could just be blinded by bias). As for the downing of Pitt, I think any 4 of the remaining teams can win that region. Guess I’ll pull for BYU since I like The Jimmer. Look for my Final Four post next week.

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