Woodsonbaby Returns!!!

I’m sure you are all wondering where Woodsonbaby has been the last few weeks. Have I left Wolverines East the greatest blog on the eastern seaboard? Was I taken hostage by Michigan loving aliens? Well the answer is I was on my yearly trip to New Orleans helping tutor students in low income areas (for more info follow OREYORG on Twitter).  It was a great experience and all who attended really had a huge impact on the students at the school.

While I was down in the Big Easy, I also wore Michigan gear every single day as well as attended a Hornets v. Suns Game where I proceeded to scream profanity at Grant Hill for being a douche and last but not least celebrated Michigan’s Slaughtering of Tennessee.   I have now returned to New York and I’m in full Michigan swing. While most websites are turning to off season mode Wolverines East is revving up with the beginning of football season and the Frozen Four (We have no off Season at WE).

Over the next couple of weeks look for Football updates Frozen Four preview and a continuation of all things Michigan.

Congrats to the Michigan Men’s Basketball team on an amazing year, where they defied all odds and made fans everywhere proud.

Also congrats to ND and M$U BB for Underachieving in every single way, hope you enjoy the long off season.

Go Blue!!

I’ll leave you with this image of what could possibly be Les Miles house.


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