Thought-Provoking Article:Grant Hill’s Misfire

A very thought provoking take on Grant Hill v Jalen Rose

Via huffingtonpost:

Grant Hill’s Misfire

In the bizarro world of America, circa 2011, the privileged are the righteous aggrieved, while the lesser off are branded selfish and entitled. It’s a world in which the biggest financial institutions receive hundreds of billions in bailout money, while under-water homeowners are deemed “losers” who should sink or swim on their own. It’s a world in which the “angry rich,” to use Paul Krugman’s term, scream about their oppression as their riches grow, while their defenders describe public sector employees making $50,000 a year as “greedy” and “thuggish” even as those employees make wage and benefit concessions that the angry rich would never consent to.

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