Grant Hill, Final Four, Kyle Irving

So I’m sticking with my final four and champion prediction from earlier in the week. UNC, Kansas, UConn and Pitt. And I’m going to stick with Kansas over UConn in the championship game. But again, I haven’t did a bracket that turned out well for a few years….. then again that just means I’m due.

As for Grant Hill not liking the Fab Five doc; I think @knicksfanblog had the best quote. Re. Grant Hill “instead of whining, grant hill should run back to his middle class, two parent home, and read chaucer and study calculus. nerd.” lol

Lastly, if Kyle Irving is really coming back to play in the tournament, he is a complete idiot. Look I know you don’t want to let your team down, but you are a lock top 5 pick, if you come back too soon you can make that injury a lot worse… and lose a lot of money. Either way, Irving or not I think Michigan if they get to the second round they will hang tough with Duke.

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